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Offshore Banking Frequent Asked Questions

All about Offshore

FAQ Offshore Banking
What does 'offshore' means?

In the banking field, we speak about offshore when someone opens an account in a foreign bank but it is not always tax avoidance. Indeed a lot of companies use offshore banking for a practical reason: they need to have an account in foreign currencies in order to have easier exchanges with foreign customers and suppliers.

Usually, an offshore bank account is used in order to have a tax reduction. That is why jurisdictions such as Switzerland, Caribbean islands, Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Seychelles are chosen. In these jurisdictions, the tax level is very low, moreover, the confidentiality and anonymity is written in the law.

Why would I open an offshore bank account?

It offers:
Tax reduction
Interesting opportunities of investment.
To set up a capital nondistrainable by possible creditors.
A more efficiency organisation of your activities.
To handle several foreign currencies with only one account.
To reduce your banking fees.
To reduce your exchanges fees.

What are the most advantageous jurisdictions?

One of the bank confidentiality service the most efficient in the world.
A complete range of international bank services.
Investment and saving solutions extremely competitive.
The Swiss services excellence.

A wide range of cards available.
An account available in different foreign currencies in order to handle efficiently your payment traffic.
A high quality and competitive services.

A complete range of the international bank services.
A card Visa Classic in EUR, GBP or USD.
No minimum deposit for the account and the card.
Fees extremely low on your withdrawals.
Complete handle of your account by internet or by phone.
An efficient bank confidentiality service.

Benefit from the French bank system.
Extremely strong and lasting bank confidentiality.
A complete range of the international bank services.
Investment and saving solutions extremely competitive.
A knowhow several generations old.
The ideal solution with taxes for the non French residents.

Complete handle of your account on the Internet.
All the services of a great banking institution.
Possibility to open accounts in several foreign currencies.
A wide range of cards available.
A bank confidentiality which guarantee you an absolute anonymity.

Benefit from the rapid development of the neighbour countries.
Foreign capitals' strong presence.
Tax haven statute.
High quality of its bank confidentiality.
Is a financial centre.

Benefit from a strategic location between the United Kingdom and the continental Europe.
High security
High confidentiality
Low tax rates

A very conciliatory and welcoming fiscal legislation.
Your account would only be subject to the local fiscal system.
Very good confidentiality.

Benefit from a strategic location.
Your account would only be subject to the local fiscal system: that is to say no taxes.
Extreme confidentiality.

A confidentiality duty.
Fiscal advantages.
Form a part from European Union.
French banks branch offices.
International and multi lingual expertise.
A wide range of international bank services.
High security.

Is there any risk for me and my money?

To avoid the Money Laundering, you will need to give all the information about the funds origin. It is called a Due Diligence and it is compulsory in order to comply with the AntiMoney Laundering law. But we guarantee that all these information are confidential and won't be transmitted to the tax department.

Your money, in an offshore bank, will be in security, and especially if it is govern by a bank confidentiality law, because it can't be seize by creditors.

What is bank confidentiality?

For some jurisdictions such as Switzerland, bank confidentiality is written in the law, so your bank ca not give any information about your bank account to anybody else.

Not every jurisdiction has the bank confidentiality law, however they can provide you a very good confidentiality.

Which documents do I need to open a bank account?

Usually, you will need to provide:
A certified copy of your passport.
A proof of address (such as gas, electricity, water or phone original invoice).
A proof of income (such as a letter from your employer on a business paper sent directly to the bank to justify your income and your three last payslips. If you are your own employer, you would need to provide a letter from your accountant directly to the bank to justify your income)

How can I do a withdrawal?
With your card Visa or Travelcash.
With bank cheque (but only with or Londoner partner).
With a Swift transfer.

How can I do a deposit on my offshore account?
With a Swift transfer.
Cheque deposit.
Cash deposit.

How much do I need to open an offshore bank account?

It depends on the jurisdiction you will choose. Indeed, in some jurisdictions such as Switzerland there is a minimum capital to provide, but in other, such as Isle of Man where there is none.

What is a bankforwarding service?

With this service, the address of an agent is used to communicate between the bank and the customer. No correspondence or bank statement will be sent to the personal address of the bank account holder.

Offshore banking products
Offshore banks are synonymous of high quality services such as:

If you open a current account:
Confidentiality and security
Multi foreign currencies account (EUR, USD, GBP and CHF)
Complete control of your account by Internet (Online banking)
Low administration fees
International cashcard operating on the Maestro network
Possibility to subscribe to debit/credit cards such as MasterCard or Visa
Possibility to subscribe to anonymous bank cards (Travelcash cards)

If you are interested in managing your assets:
Foresight savings
Investment found
Cash certificate
Structured products
Fortune management

If you are interested in optimising your fiscal planning:

Tax planning means "management and planning of one's taxation". It only uses different international laws, in order to reduce to maximum the taxation rate and so, to enjoy a maximum of your capital and revenues.

Open an offshore bank account can help you to avoid:
Taxes on the deposited funds
Taxation on the generated interests
Taxes on inheritances

And you can open it now, quickly, simply and without even going anywhere.

Opening an offshore bank account

You live abroad? Are you planning to ? If you can answer "yes" to these questions, then you will need without a doubt an offshore bank account.

Indeed, it offers a lot of advantages such as easiness of use and low cost. But it is also a strategic choice for your patrimony and your taxation plans.

Personalised services
Personalised solutions are adapted to our customer's needs. Our job consists of recognizing your needs in order to find the product and the jurisdiction which are best adapted to your profile. Absolute confidentiality
All information you provide to our advisors will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, whether you are a customer of ours or not. A foreign bank account open without having to travel
You do not have to travel abroad to open your bank account. We work remotely for all transactions. Simplicity and peace of mind
Forget about complicated application forms, having to answer embarrassing questions. We will take care of it. You won't have to fill in anything except signing the documents and handing in all the requested documents. Bank account opening is guaranteed
Once we receive your payment, we guarantee you a bank account will be open in one of our partner establishments as soon as possible. A large offer of bank services
In addition to a bank account, we offer a range of advantageous bank services so you can get the most benefit from your offshore bank account.

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